All bridges are built with A-588 weathering steel. Special grades are available on request.

One coat of R
ustoleum metal grade paint is the standard treatment for our bridges. A second coat is optional. As a premium option, hot dipped galvanization is available.

You can choose from any commercially available color, or customize to match any request.


Protect tire-sidewalls from the sharp metal edge of the I-beams. You can extend these
in the various ways.


Though considered optional, bridges that are accessible to public traffic should install handrails for legal protection purposes. From simple metal structure, to varnished wood with metal scroll, this can give any bridge simple pedestrian safety with a unique flair.


Furthering pedestrian safety, catwalks allow a bridge pedestrian travel
without impeding the flow of vehicular traffic.


Road surface decking comes in a variety of thickness, 1/4", 5/16", or 3/8", and can be flat or diamond plate. Diamond plate can add grip except in areas of frost or snow where the decrease in tire to bridge surface contact can adversely affect traction. We can also add texture by tarring followed by a layer of sand / gravel.

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