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You've discovered Daniel Steel & Machine, Inc., a family owned and operated steel fabricator with over 60 years in the business. But we haven't just been building modular bridges all that time! From raising Warehouses, to supporting Mendocino county's heavy industry and manufacturing, Daniel Steel has provided the backbone for a stronger Northern California. It was almost 30 years ago when I first installed my first bridge. We started by building custom rail car bridges. Unfortunately, that meant extreme costs, difficult installation, and time consumptive development cycles.


Unfortunately, old steel holds no guarantee, so the safety of train car bridges was called into question. State engineers even began to shy away from wanting to approve them for state equipment... not a big deal until you need a fire engine to cross your bridge! To solve these problems, I set out to build an inexpensive, fast assemblage bridge which could carry a state approved or construction grade load... guaranteed! So was born our bridge, the Daniel Bridge... a modular steel bridge which is redefining modular bridge assembly and installation. The Daniel Bridge is a guaranteed success, with features such as speed of assembly, customizability, durability, transportability, and standards compliance. Not only that, but it looks pretty darn good.

If you need a bridge, and you want to work people you can trust, give us call. We're ready to help.



Bill Daniel, Owner
Daniel Steel & Machine, Inc.

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