What is the general use of your bridge, and how does that affect the bridge choice?
Pedestrian traffic requires a much smaller effort and will cost you far less. Light car traffic (such as a private road) can often be misleading. If you are building a home, your bridge will need to withstand the weight of a cement truck or other construction class vehicles. The Daniel Bridge is designed to accommodate this need with a weight rating exceeding 80,000 pounds. A fully loaded fire engine, or cement mixer, is cleared to use our bridge.

How long will a Daniel Bridge Last?
Our bridge is warranteed for 1 year. If the paint is renewed every 5 years, you can expect this bridge to last over 100 years.

What is involved in getting a bridge engineered and permitted?

If you are installing a bridge in California, our bridge comes pre-engineered and will be a snap to permit. Outside of California, it is required that a state professional engineer review the plans and give a signoff. Based on past experience, this process will be short and painless.

If I need to move the bridge, what is involved?
Based on the modular design approach we have patented, moving the bridge is simple and quick. Unbolting the parts can take less than a day. Loading and unloading will be your biggest job. Piling or poured concrete abutments will have to be left behind (or demolished) but a modular block abutment can also be moved with the bridge. Once again, loading and unloading requires some heavy equipment.

How soon can I get a bridge installed?
There is a bridge installation season, based on weather and restrictions imposed by Fish and Game. We can install a bridge with a 3 week notice (based on current schedule) anywhere from June 15th through first Rains of the following season (often as late as December).

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