"If you can drive
a truck there,
or you have a helicopter,

we can build
a bridge there...

Pre-assembled components can be loaded quickly and easily onto standard flatbed truck. Already the advantages of a modular system can be seen. No special permits or extra-wide trucks are required. Anywhere you can deliver home construction materials, you can deliver the bridge components. If you are putting in a road that requires a bridge of this rating, we can truck it there. Anywhere within the continental United States, we can deliver the components directly to your job site…









"Bolt together modularity
means simple and easy assembly... and disassembly if desired!


Anywhere in California, our team is licensed to assemble the Daniel Bridge by Crane, Loader, or Excavator. With over 30 bridges under our belt, you can expect to go from a prepared footing or abutment to final bridge signoff in as short as two days! For assembly in California, our bridges come pre-approved by state professional engineer. Outside of California, we do require a local engineer sign-off for permitting to be approved. We are also happy to consult with a local assembly team to complete the job. If your site is temporary, or you may need to shift bridge location, disassembly is as easy as assembly!


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