Modular Bridges, Traincar Bridges & Bridge Rental

The Daniel Bridge

A Versatile Modular Bridge

From 10 foot to 24 foot wide, and up to 80 feet clearspan, these easy to assemble, easy to transport bridges are weight rated from HS20 to U80. Click here or scroll down to learn more…

Modular Bridge Rental

Temporary Daniel Bridge Installation

When you need a bridge for temporary or emergency access, renting a Daniel Bridge is an ideal option. Click here to read more…

Traincar Bridges

Recycled & Converted Traincars

We use flat-bed railroad cars to design and build heavy-duty bridges… both affordable and eco-friendly as we recycle decommissioned train cars! Click here to read more…

Daniel Bridge

The ultimate modular bridge

Modular by Design

> 10′ to 24′ widths
> Up to 80′ clearspan
> Weight rated from HS20 to U80

> Installation easily accomplished by purchaser if desired
> Assembly by crane, loader or excavator
> Easily transportable
> For temporary or permanent use
> Custom rub or handrails designed

> Buy or rent, depending on finance requirements or length of need.

This is a little late in coming, but I want to thank you and your Dad for the excellent work your company did during the construction of the Oakhaven Bridge in Glen Ellen.  Your company was easy and friendly to work with and professional in every respect.  The end product looks very good and will no doubt outlast us all.

Traincar Bridges

The recycled, eco-solution to bridge installation

Recycle and Reuse!

Customizable & Ready for Any Application

Made from all steel, we convert each train-car to our client’s exacting specifications, at a fraction of the cost of new bridge construction! We have installed this type of bridge for private landowners, commercial interests, farming companies, logging companies, golf courses, public parks, and public lands. Will you be next?

Built to Last

Traincar bridges have a serious load capacity, and can be decked with solid steel, continuous road surface of any type, pressure treated lumber, or other options. Concrete or steel piling are the most common for setting the bridge.

Flexible and Cost Effective

Traincar bridges can be used for both vehicle and pedestrian bridges. They are extremely cost-effective and easy to install, being available in lengths from 20 to 90 feet.   You can pickup your bridge at our facility and install yourself, or arrange for us to transport and install for an additional fee.

Bridge Rental & Installation

If you need a temporary bridge installation, look no further…

Wether you have an emergency access issue, or know that the bridge site will be a temporary installation, installing a Daniel Bridge can be a fast, affordable alternative to a full bridge installation. In most cases, we pile drive the foundation, avoiding the expense and permanence of a cement footing or foundation. When you are done with the bridge we come and remove all evidence of the bridge and it’s foundation. Click here to contact us for a free estimate.

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