The following is a short list of projects we have completed over the last 60 years...

Georgia Pacific Lumber Company
Cambell Timberland Management
Mendocino Redwood
Nash-Mill Road Association
John McCullough 
Rainer Timber Company
Glen Morgan

Wages Creek Campground
United Camp Conference
UCCR, Camp Cazadero
City of Willits
City of Clayton
Red Bluff Housing Development
County of Mendocino
and many more...
    American Institute of Steel Construction. Professional and content rich.
 Construction and testing of model bridges.
Association for bridge construction and design. Link and Content rich.
    The geometry of bridge construction. Interesting but simple.

    Bridge photography of Golden Gate and San Francisco Bay Area.
    Kids learning site regarding bridge education. Content rich.
    Historic Bridges and information. Link rich.
    Good article on safety and research.
    Good article on general bridge information.

    All you would want to know about the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Download this free software which has the tools to model, test, and optimize a steel highway bridge, based on realistic specifications, constraints, and performance criteria.
    PBS sponsored site which tests your bridge knowledge.
    Interactive truss building program… Build a bridge online!
    Bridge basics (grades 4-9).

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